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Ideas For CLAW Part 1 – Leather Shirts

With CLAW 2018 just around the corner I wanted to share some of my favorite leather looks for this event…

I am a big fan of CLAW as it encompasses so much of my favorite kinks from leather to rubber, plenty of S&M and a great atmosphere as well.

I have found the guys to be friendly and many people are def dressed in the gear that are passionate about and feel sexy in.

I wanted to start with leather shirts because 1) it’s my top choice and 2) if you are considering leather, in particular made to order you need to place an order sooner rather then later.

When it comes to leather gear, it really comes down – like many things, to tops and bottoms. Let’s concentrate on tops today 😉

Choosing A Leather Shirt

For me one of the most versatile pieces of gear is a well fitted leather shirt…

The standard is of course the black leather shirt which I like however I love color. I flag most of the shades of blue so this was a natural choice for me…

I like to show ink and love seeing a sexy furry arm so tend toward a short sleeve however the long sleeves look amazing in formal wear.

Probably the most important aspect of choosing your shirt is to make sure you get the right size. Leather will form to your body but it doesn’t stretch like other fabrics…  Best to get the measurements right before you order!

When it comes to choosing the type of leather some things I have learned over time:

  • The natural, naked leather shirts feel amazing and are super soft – Naked Leather Shirt
  • If you tend to over heat, go for a short sleeve shirt as your arms cool you down more than you think – Short Sleeve Leather Shirts
  • If you really over heat then perforated leather lets heaps of heat off and adds a cool textured look – Perforated Leather Shirt
  • The leather polo shirts are a great option for a casual formal look – Leather Polo Shirt
  • Adding colors allows you to flag your interests and also can help you stand out from a sea of black leather – Shirt With Color Accents
  • For that super formal look you can’t go past a long sleeve – Long Sleeve Leather Shirts
  • To get your shirt looking amazing, wear it a few times to break it in, the sweatier the better! No time? – Sleep in it!
  • To help keep your shirt lovely and soft be sure to use some quality leather conditioner on a regular basis. I highly recommend Obenauf’s – Obenauf Leather Conditioner
  • Don’t be afraid to accessorize. Adding a leather harness can look amazing over a leather shirt and adds texture as well as color. There is a massive range of harnesses available – Leather Harnesses

Of course be sure to check out the full range of leather shirts here @ Mr S.

Enjoy your leather!

George / Gpup

Coming Up:

Leather Pants
Rubber Gear
Pup Gear
Floggers & Paddles


Celebrating The Neoprene Pup Hood’s First Birthday!!

So it was one year ago that Mr S Leather released the iconic neoprene puppy hood. As a celebration for today I wanted to share a brief interview with Slugger the designer of not only this pup mask but also other awesome neoprene gear…

It was wonderful to meet her in the Mr S Store and I wish her the absolute best love and adoration for her kind, gentle nature as well as her huge desire and passion in supporting the pup community.

You can check out all the neoprene hoods here @ Mr S Leather. 

Hugs and Tugs,

Gpup Alpha


In My Pup Cage

Sometimes after a long day at work it’s nice to relax, get into some leather gear and just chill in the cage…

My cage is a special place for me. Designed especially for my dungeon it’s a place for many fun things. I can relax, fuck, pup out… It’s my space where I can be me…

What’s your special space pup?


Are You CLAW 2017 Ready?

Hey there Pups! I’m super excited with only 2 weeks out before CLAW 2017…

With last year being my very first time visiting CLAW I wanted to share a couple of tips and tricks I found helpful for preparing this year. I hope you might find them helpful as well 🙂

Get Your Leather & Kink Gear Ready & Clean!

Now is a perfect time to make the all important choice of the gear you are going to be taking to CLAW. I like to get my leather out, choose what I am going to be taking and then give it a good clean and airing. There are many events so mixing and matching can be a great way to save space… (unless you are a relentless leather dog like me with a significant leather gear addiction lol)

Here is a great video by Dire Pup on how to clean and nourish your leather pup hood.

Decide What CLAW Events You Want To Attend

There are heaps of events happening at CLAW. So many great nights, classes and other fun events. Between catching up with friends, shopping and mingling it can be a MASSIVE weekend. I highly recommend you check out the schedule and make a bit of a plan for the weekend. You can check out the full schedule here at the CLAW 2017 website: http://clawinfo.org

Of course I want to give a bit of a plug for my two presentations:

Health Tips For Kinky Guys :Friday 28th 11:45-1pm

Human Pup Play Skills: Saturday 29th 3:30-5:3-pm

Get A Sexual Health Screening

Do consider having a sexual health screening before attending CLAW. Nobody wants to be that guy that accidentally gave their friends Chlamydia. Two weeks out gives you plenty of time to get tested, treated and recovered before catching up with your mates.

Not sure what is in a full sexual health screening? Please enjoy this guide from my presentation on human pup play from CLAW last year.

Final Tips and Tricks

  • Consider getting a business card made up. Include your Twitter, Facebook, Recon and other contact details so you can stay in contact with your friends after the event!
  • Leave a little space in your luggage… There are normally some special prices available at the vendor mart. Keep a little space for those cool finds you may discover.
  • Last year there was only one ATM and it was empty by the end of the first day. Carry some cash so you won’t get caught short.
  • If you take any medications make sure you have enough for your travel and stay plus a few extra days should your plans change.
  • Reach out and make sure you let people know you want to meet! That said plans can change so don’t be disappointed if you don’t get to meet all the people you wanted to. CLAW is a freaking busy weekend. Failure to connect is rarely personal but be proactive and understand that it’s busy for everyone!
  • Carry an extra smile and perhaps a few cool things from your local area. It can be nice to swap shirts or gifts with people who are special, it’s the little things that count.

Most of all have an amazing CLAW pups! Really looking forward to meeting you all!

Hugs and tugs, Gpup Alpha.



Congratulations SEA-PAH On Your 5th Anniversary

GPup Alpha on his first SEA-PAH visit

Today I wanted to share a huge congratulations to SEA-PAH: Seattle Pups & Handlers, on their wonderful 5th anniversary.

I still remember the amazing feeling of welcome and community when I attending my very first SEA-PAH mosh. I was genuinely overwhelmed with how kind and welcoming you were.  You have am amazing group and I wish you the absolute best for your ongoing fun and contribution to the human pup play community. Rock on guys!

Hugs and tugs,

Gpup Alpha


New Anal Prep Harness By Oxballs

oxballs hole harness

Oxballs Toys has just released a nice new anal opener / harness that is perfect for puppy play the Hole Harness.

As you can see in the picture it’s a nice combo of cock ring and harness however the new addition is the cone that helps keep the ass nice and open for your pleasure.

At whim your Master will be able to mark, breed or fuck you as your ass is always going to be open and ready. When he’s done with your ass he can simply plug it closed with the tail section of the Oxballs Tail Fuck pictured below.


oxballs tail fuck

For me this is a perfect addition for a sexy sub pup. It’s great to have a harness that does not impede access to the hole for when I am getting hot and ready to breed.

Nice combo 🙂

You can check them both out here @ Mr S Leather


Human Pup Collars That Can Harm: Please Avoid Spike & Shock Collars


Safety With Human Pup Collars

Click For Full Video Transcript

Hey, Sir Pounder and Sir Roscoe, and all of you attending the Midwest Fur Fest. It’s Gpup Alpha here, coming to you from Melbourne, Australia.
I just wanted to talk about something that I’m very passionate about, and that’s safety with collars. Now, I know that there’s a lot of people who love the spiked collars, as well as the shock collars, and I want to have a brief chat about them and how they can be used safety, because they can also be used in a way that can cause serious harm.
As you can see here, there are a number of very important structures in the neck that are very close to the surface, and these include nerves, arteries, and veins. Anything that’s spiky has the potential to burst not only the veins, but also the arteries. This can lead to very significant bleeding. Huge volumes of blood pass through arteries and they are supplying the brain, anything that could disrupt them can cause significant harm. The other thing to be aware of, is that any pressure on the neck can also cause harm to these structures, because when you push against the carotid artery, that’s the main one in the neck, it can actually slow the heart and in some cases even stop the heart. For this reason, it’s very important: Do not wear spiked collars with the spikes pointing in. It’s just too dangerous. It might be a hot look for a photo, but wearing it is very, very dangerous. If you want to wear a spiked collar, turn it inside out with the spikes pointing out. Much, much safer. However, my recommendation is don’t wear them at all.
When it comes to shock collars, this can cause very big, big harm, and the reason for this is because electricity can also disrupt the function of the heart. As I was saying, you put electricity through the carotid artery, there’s lots and lots of nerve in that area, and again it can slow the heart and also stop the heart. There are also other structures there, and all of the nerves coming out of the base of the skull going down into the arms and down into the body. Other nerves include the phrenic nerve, which is the one that helps you to breathe. These are things you do not want to disturb in any way. Again, do not wear electro-shock collars around the neck. It’s too, too dangerous. If you feel that you need to use electro-shock collars, pump it around the pup’s wrist, or around their leg, far away from the heart as possible.
If a pup has any issues with their heart, if they have a pacemaker or if they are epileptic, they should never be used. Again, I do not recommend the use of shock collars in any way. If you are going to use them, maybe for a photo with no batteries inside them, however I have witnessed pups having seizures when shock collars were used on them. It’s too dangerous, please, please, please don’t use them. I’m going to hand back now to Sir Roscoe and Sir Pounder, and I wish you the absolute best at the Midwest Fur Fest. I wish I could be there, but perhaps next year I’ll be able to get my fluffy butt over there. Have a fantastic day. See you, guys.

Just wanted to share this video on human pup collar safety I created for Sir Pounder & Rosco’s Puppy 101 session at the Midwest Fur Fest 2016.

Important take home points include:

  • There are some very important structures in the neck that can be easily damaged by spikes or electricity. Spike collars, also called pinch collars or prong collars can damage these delicate structures leading to significant bleeding, alterations in the heart and also puncture the windpipe in extreme use.
  • If you are keen to use spike collars for a photo or to wear out I recommend turning them inside out so the prongs point outwards. The still give an agressive look without the danger.
  • Shock collars are very dangerous around the neck. Again they can cause changes in the important nerves of the neck including the phrenic and vagus nerves. Electricity on these nerves can lead to alterations in breathing, heart and even stop the heart completely.
  • It’s important that they are never used in a person with heart disease, pace makers, electrical stimulators or epilepsy.
  • If you are going to use them, perhaps grab one that vibrates rather than shocks.
  • Never place the collar near the neck, if used at all I suggest trying the wrist on ankle, well away from the heart.

Hugs and tugs in happy puppy play safety!

Gpup Alpha

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