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New Anal Prep Harness By Oxballs

oxballs hole harness

Oxballs Toys has just released a nice new anal opener / harness that is perfect for puppy play the Hole Harness.

As you can see in the picture it’s a nice combo of cock ring and harness however the new addition is the cone that helps keep the ass nice and open for your pleasure.

At whim your Master will be able to mark, breed or fuck you as your ass is always going to be open and ready. When he’s done with your ass he can simply plug it closed with the tail section of the Oxballs Tail Fuck pictured below.


oxballs tail fuck

For me this is a perfect addition for a sexy sub pup. It’s great to have a harness that does not impede access to the hole for when I am getting hot and ready to breed.

Nice combo 🙂

You can check them both out here @ Mr S Leather

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