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Puppy Wrist Band

If you are looking for a discrete way to show your dedication to puphood I would urge you to consider one of these great wristbands created by Corporal Umi.

I placed my order and my new band arrived about 10 days after payment was sent. The  wrist band arrived in a well padded bag and was crafted very well.

The measurements I took were perhaps a little loose and I ended out needing to have it adjusted with about 10mm taken off and the clips moved in. I added an additional layer of leather under the cut out pattern. This has stopped hair catching and also strengethened the design, both from a visual perspective and also physically.

This puppy wrist band is a staple for me. I can wear it in public knowing that those who know and understand the pup lifestyle will identify and all else will be able to live in ignorant bliss.

Click here to learn how to get your own puppy wrist band. 

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