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Oxballs Pisser Cockring Reviewed

When it comes to cockrings I find it a bit of a struggle to find a balance of comfort, "snugness", and a feeling of just enough grip to keep me looking nice and bulgy and maintaining a good firm erection...

For me the pisser cock ring is a great combination of all of these and has become one of my "go to" cock rings.

Made of surgical grade silicon The Pisser has the shape of a urinal (thus the name, duh). The main intent of the ring is to be worn with the urinal part facing forward. This pushes the nuts forward and helps create a super lunchy look when worn under a underwear or a jockstrap.

I actually prefer to wear it backwards. This way the curve of the front of the silicone cock ring sits nice and snug against my public bone and does not pull or grab on my nuts. The gentle push backwards feels great and offering just a little bit of prostate pressure making for a nice sensation when I cum.

Like all of the Oxballs sex toys these are made with surgical grade silicone which means it's unlikely to have any allergic reactions and will nor cause any irritation on even the most sensitive skin.

Might be worth trimming the pubes back just a little as hairs can get caught when putting the ring on or off.

I like the pisser cock ring.  For those in Australia you can buy it here @ Eagle Leather Online.

If you are in the USA be sure to check out all the Oxballs toys here @ Mr S Leather.

Have fun pups!

Gpup Alpha

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