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Have You Heard Of Chlorinated Latex?

Chlorinated Rubber Shirt

Hey there Pups! Today I’m pretty excited as my new Mr S Rubber Shirt has just arrived back from being chlorinated.

What is chlorination I hear you ask?

For my fellow rubber pups out there, part of the nature of rubber is that it’s a very rough fabric. Putting it on can be a bit tricky as it catches on hair  and skin meaning it’s important to cover your skin with lube or powder to allow the material to glide.

While this certainly adds to it’s sensual feel it can also be a pain in the ass as it takes time and patience to be able to get your gear on.

With the chlorination treatment the rubber is exposed to chlorine gas that bonds with the rubber making it super smooth. This then means you can slip into your gear quickly and you no longer need to have lube or powder.

How quickly? Check out this video from Demask in Germany

To have my latex gear chlorinated the first step was to make sure it was nice a clean with no lube or silicone residue. To do this I filled the bathtub with warm water and a little dish washing liquid. I gently washed the gear then rinsed off in the shower. After patting dry with a towel I added a little talc and then packed away to be treated.

I received my gear back in under a week and I am *very* happy with the result. The t-shirt pictured above is nice and tight and it was able to slip on easily with no talc or lube. The latex is super smooth and feels amazing against the skin.

If you are a fan of rubber I highly recommend considering having your rubber and latex items treated.

Interested in having your rubber gear treated? Check out these sites to learn more about the process. Please note, this is a very tricky and toxic process. While they do have DIY sections, I highly recommend leaving it to the professionals. The money spent is well worth off setting the potential problems if you get exposed to chlorine gas.

Companies Offering Latex Chlorination Services

Catalyst Latex In England

Latex Essence in the UK 

Demask in Germany

Rubber Raven in Australia

Rubber Pony Girl in Australia

Unfortunately I am not able to find a company in the USA offering the service. If you know of one please send me a message and I’ll add it to the list.

Have an awesome day!

Gpup Alpha

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