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Coming Out As A Human Pup

Coming out as a human pupToday I had a great question sent from a Facebook friend. To cut to the chase I was asked how  did I come out to my partner as a human pup

My partner and I have been together for many years. While I knew I channeled canine traits it had never crossed my mind that I might actually be a pup, a human pup, a man who likes the feel and release of exploring the dog aspects of my personality.

My first feeling of being a pup was when I was on vacation to San Francisco visiting the Dore Alley fair. This was a big eye opener, packs of rubber dogs, pup play demos and one amazing leather dog who kindly allowed me to talk and pet him as we discussed his own life as a pup.  He and his handler were so welcoming, open and happy. I knew at that point I had found a passion that was true to me.

Later that day we visited Mr S Leather where I fell in love with a leather pup hood. This hood would end out being my first piece of gear. I knew I had to have it, it was expensive and I was actually a little shy about sharing my want for it. When I talked with my partner he simply smiled and said, “well if you want it, go ahead and get it!” I could not buy that hood any faster!

Other then wearing it once or twice to try it out, that pup hood lived in a dark plastic bag under the bed, waiting for me to find someone else who had the same interest as me. I honestly had no idea what direction to go so I put my pup dreams on the back burner, hoping one day my master would come.

As it was I waited about 5 years. By fate I met my master online. A friend of a friend Sir and I began chatting and he mentioned he had trained pups. My ears were pricked. Was it actually going to happen?

Fast forward to today I’m proud to be the Alpha of our pack Sirius Pups, with two pup brothers, some amazing overseas pups as well as two new pups who are just starting to explore their own journey as human pups.

My partner is very understanding and he knows and understands the pleasure I get from exploring my pup side. That said it took a little while to get to where I am today.

I love my partner dearly. Perhaps as part of my childhood I have always feared rejection, I always want to ensure I am never “rocking the boat”. My initial discussions with my partner were not easy to start but over time I was able to share my confidence and passion with him which has made life much easier.

Those first few conversations were difficult for me. We are in an open relationship so my catching up with Sir was very easy to approach. Over time I was able to share how I was exploring my pup side and how much I was loving it.

One day we were walking our bio pups and I mentioned how I had been collared and that Sir was my master.

The conversation after that was not easy but a very important one for me.

As we walked I shared how my pup life was important to me and how Sir’s training had really helped me. I was able to reassure my partner that indeed I loved him with all my heart and that there were no plans to run away and live in a kennel.

We talked about priorities, respect and that while he was happy for me to enjoy my pup play that our primary relationship was to be the priority if there were ever calendar clashes. He was worried I would be zipping off to pack meets when there was important work to be done at home.

That conversation was some time ago. I’m please to say he’s very cool with my life as a pup.

With my partners acceptance I have been able to move forward with confidence and share my pup side with many of my friends.

Actually if you have signed up for my email training, you’ll know the story of my second coming out when I met my pup brother.

The short version of the story is that I was wearing a pup play t-shirt and my bro Trooper asked a few questions about my shirt. I explained to him that yes indeed I identified as a human pup and that I even had an amazing master and trainer.

He was able to pick up on my excitement and he then shared his own interest in pup play and the many problems he had in finding a master… Heck I had waited 5 years so I totally knew what he was saying. I had a chat with Sir and passed on his number to him. The rest, well what can I say, I have an amazing bravo pup brother Trooper Bravo.

So to get back to the original question. How do you come out as a human pup to your partner or close friends?

If you are lucky like the amazing Pup Gadget and Baus Yukon, you will have met via pup activities. For others already in a relationship it can be a little tricky.

The biggest tip I can offer is be honest, be respectful and most importantly be true to yourself. Those first few conversations can be scary. With kindness, openness and reassurance in the stability and love of your partnership you can share your experience as you explore.

These days my pup life is probably one of the worst kept secrets in my home town. I’m proud, I’m happy and heck, I’m a fucking happy pup. Is there anything else a dog could ask for?

So that is my story… What are your thoughts? What has your experience been.

Share your story in the comments below.

Hugs and tugs.

Gpup Alpha


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