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Finding and Exploring New Human Pup Play Experiences

finding new human pup play experiences.
GPup Alpha, Zepher and Vulcan exploring the world of human pup play

When I first discovered human pup play that was very little information available. I did not have a trainer, I lived in a small rural town with no kink community and to be honest I felt isolated.

When I met my training, and now partner Pup Boss I was introduced to a whole new world of human pup training as well as other kink trainings that I didn't know existed.

Staring out in the community can be hard. We acknowledge this in a recent workshop we held at ACON (the AIDS Council Of New South Wales here in Australia).  In this video Jyan and I discuss some important tips on how to find new experiences if you are exploring puppy play.

Key points I get from this video:

  • Don't be afraid to try new stuff. There is many aspects to puppy play. Some you will love, some might be 'meh...' Give stuff a try, you just never know.
  • Go with your intuition. If something feels right go with it however if you don't feel safe or worried best to stop and evaluate.
  • If you are going to try new things, seek out experts or at the very least people who know their stuff...
  • Check out your local groups, they are a wealth of great people as well as experts in various aspects of kink and fetish play.

My question to you...

What would you recommend for people wishing to find new and interesting experiences in human pup play?

Hugs and tugs,

Gpup Alpha

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