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How To Care For Silicone Toys

care for square peg silicone toys

Square Peg Puppy Tails

Puppy play can be an expensive hobby with hoods, gear, leather and toys. Each item adds up and today I just wanted to share some tips for looking after silicon toys to help them last a lifetime.

By far my favorite puppy play toy is my tail. Each time it’s inserted I can easily slip into pup space. It’s a happy place and the feel of that tail whacking against my legs puts a bit smile on this pups snout.

Of all the manufacturers of tails I have found Square Peg Puppy Tails to be the best. The quality of their silicone toys in very very high. Yes this does make them a little more expensive however with proper care these toys can last a life time.

What Is The Best Way To Care For Silicone Toys?

Top quality silicone toys have the potential to last a life time however there are a few important tips to remember.

Never use silicone based lube with a silicone toy

Silicone lube on silicone toys can lead to the surface of the toy dissolving. This is particularly bad if the lube used is not of the highest quality.

The recommended lubes to use with silicone toys are either water based, or oil based lubes.

Of course if there is a likely hood that there is going to be fucking with condoms after the removal of the toy it’s best to stick to just water based lubes to avoid deterioration of the condom and potential breakage.

For extended wear water based lube can be absorbed by the lining of the ass which can “lock in” the toy making it harder to remove after an hour or so.

If not notice the toy is difficult to remove head on over to the toilet, grab hold of the end of your tail then bare down like you are trying to do a shit. This will push the toy out. It’s best to push out rather then pull.

For extended wear an oil based lube will stay slippery much longer, but as mentioned above, you need to be aware that the lube can break down condoms.

After Play Care Of Silicone Toys

After play, silicone toys are simple to clean. I like to wash mine with antibacterial soap and hot water then lay them out on a towel to dry.

Some people say you can put them though the dish washer on the top level however my thoughts are that it’s a bit too harsh and it’s kinda gross!

Between play sessions I like to wrap each toy in either a face cloth or wash cloth then pop them into a zip lock bag. ┬áThis stops them collecting dust and stops toys touching each other. Don’t let silicone toys touch each other in storage as they can meld into each other and that can destroy your toys.

square peg silicone toy puppy tail

With all silicone toys there are lots of different grades of silicone. It’s best to go with the highest quality grade you can buy. Unfortunately it’s not easy finding which toy is made from what grade so I tend to buy all my silicone toys from the company Square Peg.

Square Peg toys use the highest grade silicone, come in heaps of great shapes and for me they are the best dam pup tails money can buy.

I have 3 tails now with my absolute fave being the Square Peg Woofy Tail. It feels great, wags beautifully and feels fucking awesome slapping against my legs!

I give it a double woof rating!

Hugs and tugs.


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