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Cellblock 13 Jock

cellblock 13 jockWhen I was first starting in human pup play I struggled to find a jock that was both comfortable as well as practical to allow me to wear my tail. I was gifted a Cellblock 13 jock and it was a match made in heaven.

The jockstrap is made with nice stretchy fabric that does a great job of putting my pup cock “up front and centre” however it’s got the jockstrap “straps” that go around the ass like a traditional jock. They have just enough oomph in them that helps make my ass look great. I’m not sure why, but these briefs are way more comfortable than a standard jockstrap.

Coming in a variety of colours:Red, Black & Blue you’ve got some hot looks in the Cellblock 13 Viper range of jocks.

 You can check out the Cellblock 13 Jock here @ Mr S

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