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Mr S Underwear

Mr S UnderwearHey pups! Welcome to my pages devoted to Mr S underwear, jocks and socks.

I’ve been really fortunate to have some great mates come to model the different Mr S gear and I hope you enjoy the reviews as much as I did with the photography.

I’ll be adding new gear as it’s added so be sure to come back on a regular basis.

  • Mr S Jock Brief

    Mr S Jock Hey there Pups! I had a good mate come to visit and I thought it was a perfect opportunity to show some of the sexy underwear by Mr S Leather. Pictured above is the Mr S Jock Brief. Super comfortable this combo jock / brief is offering the support right where you want it. Lifting [...]

  • Mr S Football Jock

    Mr S Football Jock Hey Pups! I am thrilled to have been able to get my good mate in for a photoshoot in his Mr S Football Jock… I have to say of all the Mr S underwear range this is one of my favourite pieces as it looks great when dressed in full pup gear with easy access [...]

  • Mr S Jock Boxer

    mr s jock boxer I fucking love these… The Mr S jock boxer is perfect for pup play. You’ve got the sexy square line to show off your quads with two sexy straps drawing the eye to your pup ass that’s fully exposed for your Master’s pleasure. I had the chance to try these on after the photo shoot [...]

  • Mr S Renegade Football Pants

    renegade football pants Sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words… My model didn’t know what to expect, the minute I put him in the renegade football pantsĀ I knew what had to happen. First was the wrist restraints, then they were tightly bound together not just at the wrist but also his arms held tight with a full body [...]

  • Mr S Socks

    mr s leather socks Finally a holiday gift you’ll actually want to get! Mr S Socks! Whether you are hitting the clubs, pupping out at your favourite mosh or just relaxing with your pup pack these Mr S socks look fantastic and flag your full intentions. Available in yellow (pictured), white, red and blue there is a whole range [...]

  • Cellblock 13 Jock

    cellblock 13 jock When I was first starting in human pup play I struggled to find a jock that was both comfortable as well as practical to allow me to wear my tail. I was gifted a Cellblock 13 jock and it was a match made in heaven. The jockstrap is made with nice stretchy fabric that does [...]

  • Mr S Leather Jock

    [ratingbox] Hey there Pups! Today I wanted to feature the Mr S Leather Jock I’ve just had arrive in the mail. If you are looking for a nice piece of gear to wear either to a mosh, event or even an outdoor event like Folsom or Dore Alley this can be a very nice choice. [...]

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