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Mr S Football Jock

Mr S Football JockHey Pups! I am thrilled to have been able to get my good mate in for a photoshoot in his Mr S Football Jock…

I have to say of all the Mr S underwear range this is one of my favourite pieces as it looks great when dressed in full pup gear with easy access to the ass so you can wear a pup tail.

These great jocks have the same feel of standard football compression pants however they have the Mr S twist with the removal of the ass. Made especially for the kinkster in mind there is extra room in the front should your pup be getting frisky and ready for mounting.

The material in these pants is the same that is used for swimwear so they can easily go from land to water or playroom to shower… Your imagination is the only limit.

I love these shorts and I’ll definitely be spotted in a pair this summer…

You can check out the Mr S Football Jock here.

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