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Mr S Renegade Football Pants

renegade football pantsSometimes a picture speaks a thousand words… My model didn’t know what to expect, the minute I put him in the renegade football pants I knew what had to happen.

First was the wrist restraints, then they were tightly bound together not just at the wrist but also his arms held tight with a full body bondage belt

Between the compression of his arms to the compression of the football pants there was some serious tenting action happening.

I love the renegade pants. They show a strong masculine form with the familiarity of football pants but the added kick of strong lines and a nice cock pouch that shows everyone who is boss. These are the elite of the Mr S underwear range.

Whether you are the new pup on the street or a strong alpha dog these shorts cut a mean form and are perfect from the most pit to the dungeon.

The only question is “what color are you going to flag?” Blue? Yellow? Red?

You can check out the Renegade Football Pants here

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