puppy play

Mr S Jock Boxer

mr s jock boxerI fucking love these… The Mr S jock boxer is perfect for pup play.

You’ve got the sexy square line to show off your quads with two sexy straps drawing the eye to your pup ass that’s fully exposed for your Master’s pleasure.

I had the chance to try these on after the photo shoot and I have to say it wasn’t easy getting me to let go. They feel fucking amazing and I love how you can show your furry ass and tail if you are in the mood.

These jocks are made by the guys at Timoteo exclusively for the Mr S underwear line.

The fabric is a combination of nylon and spandex so it’s super stretchy and can be worn both in water and out. I’m really looking forward to these for my next pup camp 🙂 .

You can check out the Mr S Jock Boxer here

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