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Pup Play Holiday Gift Guide Part 1

Hey there Pups!

I’m kinda dazed at how quick the holiday season has come and I thought it might be fun to share some holiday gift idea for pups.

First cab off the rank is a video I made today on getting knee protection @ your local hardware store. These shops are great for all sorts of stuff and you can get some amazing pup gear if you use some lateral thinking…

Getting Pup Play Knee Protectors @ Your Local Hardware Store:

Key points to look for when you are buying knee protection is to be aware of where you are going to be moshing or playing…

For outdoor play a plastic layer is pretty important to protect your knees and skin from sticks, rocks and grass burn.

If you are more of a pup play indoors kinda dog then you cab get away with not having the protective layer.

Always get the ones that have heaps of padding as a lot of your weight is going to be passing via your knees and you want to ensure there are no pressure points.

I like the velcro enclosure type as they tend to stay in place very well.

Don’t discount your local hardware they have heaps of great stuff!

For paw and wrist protection you can’t go wrong with MMA fighting gloves. These offer fantastic padding and protection. You can get them in all types of shapes, colours and sizes.

So there you go, part one of our human pup play holiday gift guide…

Next post? Tails!

Hugs and tugs, Gpup Alpha


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