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Leather Football Pants

Pup Boss in leather football shortsWoof to Pup Boss in his leather football pants!

I am 100% in love with these shorts. I love football pants, I love leather and I love the idea of something that combines these passions that is perfect for my puppy play.

I have just placed my order for these pants with the idea of me in my leather hood, these pants, knee pads and a cheeky grin. While I love my full length leather pants, I have to admit that my preference is to be on my knees. These 1/2 length shorts are perfect for me to be in my ideal puppy position 🙂

Of course when it comes to choosing a color it’s never easy, red for the bad pup in me, yellow for your master showering you with his piss and blue, the color code for all I love: fucking and sucking.

I’ve decided that blue is the go for this pup.

BTW check out the detail in the back of these pants. Into the leather is sewn an arrow design to help draw the eye to your pup ass. Also thoughtful is a hidden pocket sewn into the waist band for easy access without bulking out the pants. This is perfect if you are out in a club so you don’t need an extra bag to carry gear.

So yes, the order is placed and I’m patiently waiting for their arrival. Pics will be available once they have been delivered!

What Master is not going to love having his sexy pup all dressed up for fun. I’m thinking these leather football pants, kneepads, my leather pup mask and collar are the perfect pup play combo.  It’s certainly going to be a fun play session, isn’t it! 😉

You can check out these awesome leather football pants here @ Mr S Leather

BTW have you seen these awesome pup play t-shirts? I fucking love them!

Hugs and tugs


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