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What’s Your Favourite Leather Harness?

Mr S Centurion Leather Harness

Mr S Centurion Leather Harness

Mr S Leather Centurion Harness

Hey Guys! Today I have started my preparation for CLAW 2016 and I’d taken my harnesses out for a clean and leather treatment. It got me thinking how I do have my favourites however I wanted to see what yours were…

For me a leather harness is a great addition to almost any outfit. Can be worn against the skin, over a t-shirt, even under a formal shirt for those times you want to add an element of surprise. Needless to say there are lots of different styles and we all have our personal favourites. Today I wanted to feature 3 that I own and enjoy.

Pictured above is the Centurion Harness by the team @ Mr S Leather. What I like is that it’s got a totally different feel to the usual harnesses you see going around. The large panels of flat leather look great and when broken in fit nicely on the chest, moulding to your shape.

When fresh off the rack the leather can be a little stiff so I recommend giving it a good leather treatment with some saddle soap to help soften it up… Once it’s dried grab your favourite leather condition and get that leather super soft. I highly recommend the Leather Therapy cleaner and conditioner.

The Centurion Harness is probably the harness that sits “flattest” against the skin so if you want to wear your harness under a shirt this is going to be one of the best choices.

You can check out The Centurion Leather Harness here @ Mr S

Seadog Harness By Mr S Leather

Sea Dog Harness By Mr S Leather

The Sea Dog Harness By Mr S

The Sea Dog Harness is pretty cool due to it’s asymmetrical design and really cool closing clip. I love this harness because it’s so different.  The straps show off the chest well. Like the Centurion above it does have a bit of a roman feel so it would be kick ass at a toga party.

There is a ring at the back and the straps are adjustable to you can get the fit just right for you.

You can check out the Sea Dog Harness here at Mr S

Crossbow Leather Harness

Crossbow Leather Harness

The Crossbow Leather Body Harness

The Crossbow Harness is great for the harness plus jeans look. It’s a very masculine look that shows off the chest. The upper part of the harness is very much like the bulldog harness with the chest strap and shoulders that show off the chest.

The Crossboy has the added body straps that hook into your jeans but can also hook into any of the Mr S gear that has the hidden clips in the waist line…

This great combo of leather harness and jockstrap is perfect for a leather night, big event like IML, CLAW or even Folsom or Dore Alley

This great combo of  Crossbow leather harness and jockstrap.

These include the leather jockstrap as well as the leather sport shorts.

You can check out The Crossbow Harness here @ Mr S

So there you guys, I just wanted to show you 3 different leather harnesses that are a little different from the standards we often see out at the events, moshes and dance floors.

What’s your favourite leather harness?

Hugs and tugs.

Gpup Alpha

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