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Leather Polo Shirt

This is a great pic of the Mr S Leather Polo  Shirt. Made from supple garment grade leather this is a great item of clothing that is going to be perfect for your formal and fun leather events. You can check it out at Mr S here: http://glink.me/LeatherPolo

Check Out The Leather Polo Here @ Mr S

If you are looking for a leather shirt that is going to take you from casual night at the bar to formal night at IML this is going to be a great choice. I have been looking for a smart looking leather shirt that is neat and tidy without too much of the heavy formality of dress leather.

Don’t get me wrong, I love getting into my formal gear as much as the next person but sometimes you need something smart yet casual… Introducing the Leather Polo Shirt by Mr S 🙂

Made with supple garment grade leather this is a well made shirt that is soft enough to help show off your body. It fits in nice and tight and this is helped by a very tapered design as well as a zipper to the side that allows you to get in and out of the shirt easily.

Due to the way this shirt is made it’s important to make sure you have the sizing right. Mr S use real inches so make sure you grab a tape measure to get your exact measurements. For this shirt the most important is the chest. Wrap the tape around your back and to the front just over your nipple line where your chest is the most wide.

Form there take this measurement to the order page and you will be able to see what size is going to be best for you.

This design is also available with colour accents, I love blue so it was a natural choice. Other options are red, yellow or plain black. If there is another colour you would prefer I am sure the guys at Mr S would be more than happy to help.

I love this piece of gear and I’m really looking forward to wearing it to CLAW 2016!

Check Out The Leather Polo Here @ Mr S

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