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Leather Sport Tank

This is a great leather shirt for hitting the bars, clubs or even your favorite leather event. Made with quality garmet leather you have the option of perforated leather or solid leather for this great sleek look. Check it out here at Mr S Leather http://glink.me/SportTank

Check Out The Leather Sport Tank Here @ Mr S Leather

So this awesome piece of leather gear arrived just the other day and I am a very happy camper.

I don’t know about you but I tend to over heat really quickly when wearing leather. I’ve been looking for a solution that allows heat out while still having the great smell and feel of full leather. Enter perforated leather for the win! Despite the many holes this leather is nice and thick and super strong.

This great tank is perfect for a trip to the bar or club with just enough formal for a neat look but plenty of fun for hitting the dance floor or mosh.

The tank is designed to fit nice and snug and for that reason there is a zipper on the side to help you get it on while fitting really well. For this reason make sure you get the size right.

Like all of the leather gear at Mr S they use exact measurements. Not Levi or Grindr inches… Grab yourself a tape measure so you can get your chest measurement. Make sure you measure where your chest is the widest. In most people this is just above the nipples. Once you have the measurement the sales page has a table to help make sure you get the right size.  If you don’t see your size just let the guys know and they will be able to help you get one made to fit you perfectly 🙂

So yes, pups I think this is a great piece of gear and highly recommend it.

Check Out The Leather Sport Tank Here @ Mr S Leather


Hugs and tugs,

Gpup Alpha

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