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New Rubber Surf Suit

Rubber-Surf-SuitHey pups! Today I was fortunate to photograph a new pup brother in his sexy rubber surf suit.

Custom made by Mr S Leather this latex surf suit is perfect pup play clothing for wrestling, pup play, piss play and all sorts of kinky fun.

The suit has 4 zippers from front to all the way to the top of the ass. This allows fondling of the cock and balls while wagging your tail that can shoot out from the back.

If you are playing in rubber in a warmer climate this is a great choice as it allows more of your skin to breath and greatly reduce the risk of over heating. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll still get hot and sweaty but only in that hot sexy way I enjoy.

For added fun you can have Sir piss into your suit marking you with his scent so all the other pups know who you belong to.


For a added color accent I’ve added some nice rope bondage to give a complete look that also gives plenty of interesting grab holds should the pup get rowdy.

If you are a rubber pup and like the surfer look I highly recommend this great piece of pup play gear.

Check Out The Rubber Surf Suit Here @ Mr S Leather.

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