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Pup Paw Hankie

A great way to flag your life as a human pup is via this fun leather pocket square made by the team at mr s leather.

Hey pups! Wearing your pup hood is not always going to be the best option when out and about amongst the general public. At times like this when I want to flag that I am a human pup but don’t want to make too big a deal of it, this leather pup paw hankie can be a great option.

Pictured in the image at the top my pocket flag that was made by Rivet @ Pup Out Gear. He’s a great pup and it’s pawesome to be able to support a fellow pups in our community. (he’s also decided to share a special discount code! Just use “thehappypup” coupon code at you’ll get $20 off your purchase!

Seems we have heaps of creative pups as the pup flag that is offered by Mr S was designed by the handsome Pup Amp. Main difference between the two designs is that the Pup Out Gear pocket each piece of the paw leather is sewn into position where as Pup Amp’s version has the ability to change the leather colour via it’s internal pocket.

Both a great so it’s really up to you which direction you wish to go. You can check out Pup Amp’s Pup Paw Hankie here @ Mr S.

Hugs and tugs, Gpup Alpha

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