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What’s Your Favourite Harness For Pup Play?

Leather Harness For Human Pup PlayHey pups! Just wanted to put a bit of a post together on some ideas on how to choose a harness for pup play.

Sometimes it can be hard to make a choice on which way to go when buying leather gear and I hope that this video helps make your decision a little easier 🙂

How To Choose A Harness For Pup Play



As you can see in the video there are three harnesses I recommend for human pups. All three have solid D ring anchor points that your Master can attach a leash to help keep you right by his side no matter how much fun the night gets.

The Bulldog Harness ->
Click For Bulldog Harness Here @ Mr S

By far this is my favourite harness. I have had mine for over a year and with each wear it becomes more and more comfortable.

This harness is great for big chested pups. It sits very comfortably and is easily adjustable. I love how you can get it with different coloured piping to flag any particular “likes” you may have. FYI mine is blue not only because it’s my favourite color but also because I love oral and fucking. Colours available are yellow, blue, black, white and red.

There is also an additional cock strap that can be added if you want to have the full body harness look.

The English Harness ->
Click Here For English Harness Here @ Mr S

The English Harness is great for pups how have a big chest, shoulders and arms. You’ve worked hard on your body so why not show it off! Different to the Bulldog harness the English harness has a vertical bar rather than an horizontal bar. A cock strap can also be purchased for this harness, one smart tug will certainly get your attention back onto your master!

The Pitbull Harness ->
Click Here For Pitbull Harness @ Mr S

If you are going for the ultimate human pup harness I have to recommend the Pitbull. The strong chest plate gives a strong canine feel and help bring you into pup zone faster than you can say “sit boy, sit!”.

With the solid piece of leather across the chest this will mould to your chest over time making it super comfortable. Again this has the great chest D Ring to help keep even the most rowdy pup in line.

So there you go pups, just my thoughts on some great harnesses for pup play.

Hope you are having a great night.

Hugs and tugs,

Gpup Alpha

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