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Why I love My Human Pup Play Shirts

human pup play shirtsHey there Pups! Today I wanted to share a bit of a story of how I met my brother Pup Trooper Bravo by wearing pup play shirts…

Why I Love My Pup Play Shirts

As mentioned in the video wearing your pup gear can be a great way to meet other people who are into human pup play. It’s not the easiest kink to show off, it’s generally not ideal to wear a hood and tail while you are out shopping! Having a shirt to flag your passion for life as a human dog is a great way to do it.

Stryker Pup Play Shirt

Stryker Pup Play Shirt

I am a huge fan of big solid pups. Pups in gridiron gear can definitely go straight to the front of the line. 🙂

This singlet is perfect for a hot summer night or a sweaty mosh at your local pup meet…  I’d already placed an order and look forward to it’s arrival 🙂

shirt for human pup playPup Shirt

Why not just get straight to the dam point! You’re a pup and fucking proud of it…

Sure pup hankies can be a fun way of flagging your kink but really, when it comes down to it all why not be a pup and out and proud about it.

As said in the video, probably not the best shirt to wear to your Thanksgiving dinner, well unless you are coming to mine, but I’d totally be happy wearing this shirt anywhere else!

Pup Play Mosh shirtPup Jock Shirt

Now I’m not sure if it’s just me but how fucking hot would this shirt look on Pup Hercules??? #JustSaying!

For the pups in the room who love to snap towels on tender puppy asses in the showers this may be the shirt for you.

Nice big scooped arms to show off those guns and plenty of room to get moving in the pup mosh. You’ve worked for it, why not show it off. 🙂

BTW how freaking awesome does the leather Woof! hood look.

A great human pup play shirtEvery Dog Deserves Shirt

Finally I wanted to share this shirt, my absolute fave… When it comes to human pup play, every dog certainly deserves a nice juicy bone…

After a hard day at the office there is nothing better then laying down on the pup mat, Sir’s jock close to my head and a nice bone to while away the hours…

Yes I know who would have thought I’d be the sentimental pup, lol…

So there you go pups! Check out the shirts over @ Mr S Leather by clicking each link under each shirt. They are amazing guys and are super supportive of the pup community.

Hugs and tugs, Gpup Alpha…

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