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Puppy Play Shirts Created By Gpup

pup play shirtHey Pups! Just wanted to share some shirts I have created for the puppy play community. Sometimes we can be hidden away as a subset of the leather or BDSM community but these shirts scream I’m into human puppy play and I’d proud to be a pup!

I hope you enjoy the shirts as much as I have had making them. Simply click on each image and you will be taken to Red Bubble where you can buy your puppy play shirt.

Check Out These Puppy Play Shirts

Click To Check Out The Full Puppy Play Red Series

The customer service at Red Bubble is amazing. Any problems and they are quick and easy to contact and it can all be sorted. My post office lost a shirt that was mailed and Red Bubble replaced it for free!

While I have called these puppy play shirts “The Red Series” each of the shirts can be bought in a range of colours as well as styles from t-shirts to v necks right though to long sleeve shirts and hoodies!

Customise to your hearts content, this is your puppy play and your shirt can be as individual as you 🙂 .

Do you have a puppy play idea you’d like to see on a shirt? Just drop me a line and I can get a design whipped as faster then you can say sit, stay & fetch.


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