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Rubber Catsuit For Pup Play

rubber catsuit

Gpup In His Rubber Catsuit

Hey there Pups. One of my favourite items of pup play gear is my rubber catsuit. If there is anything that gets me into my pupspace its the wonderful warm wet feeling of being encased in rubber.

Here is Australia there are very few retailers of rubber so I ended out ordering my rubber catsuit from the team at Mr S Leather.

Pictured above is me in my full body rubber catsuit from Mr S. It has a zipper from the neck right around to just above the top of my ass. The zipper has 3 zipper parts so I can close it around my tail, expose my cock or any combination my master needs me in 🙂 .

Rubber is perfect for pup play as it is nice and tight against the skin and as I sweat it become nice wet and slippery.

To get in I use a generous slathering of J lube all over my body and then Sir helps me slide in. The rubber catsuit feels a little cold at first, kind of like a neoprene suit, but within 5 minutes I start to warm up and the suit becomes nice a slippery. It’s really quite a sensual feeling and I highly recommend the experience.

Check Out All The Rubber & Latex Gear Here @ Mr S

Rubber can be a little delicate however with proper care your rubber catsuit will last you many years of slippery fun. It is best to use knee pads and to protect the rubber during your play.

To ensure your rubber stays beautiful and shiny it does need some aftercare to remove lube, sweat and any other body fluids it may have come in contact with. I found this latex clothing care guide very useful, I recommend checking it out: Care For Your Latex & Rubber Catsuit

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