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Have You Tried These Squarepeg Butt Plugs?

Hey there Pups.  I noticed today there was a bit of discussion on Puppy 101 about getting started with pup tails and what was the best types. I am a big fan of my Squarepeg Woofy Tail but also wanted to talk about the smaller Squarepeg Butt Plugs called their “egg” range that make for awesome anal training and play toys.

The Squarepeg Butt Plugs Reviewed

As you can see in the video they are super soft with no sharp edges that ensure that when used gently, they will never harm the lining of your butt.

They are also silicone which makes keeping them clean very simple. Just a quick wash with some antibacterial soap in hot water and you are done!

Perhaps the best thing about the Squarepeg butt plugs are that they come in a huge range of sizes and when compared to other toys are quite cheap. I have a medium and large which means I can have graduated “training” as well as wearing for longer periods of time.  Because they don’t have the tail portion they can be worn under jeans or shorts making a pup play trip to the shops just that little bit more fun 😉 .

I bought mine though the guys at Mr S Leather. Doug is one of the mail order sales guys and he has been very helpful for me. If you chat to him be sure to say gidday from Gpup in Australia.

You can check out the egg toys here at their website:  Squarepeg Butt Plugs: The Egg Range

Have an awesome day and if you have any questions about butt plugs please feel free to drop me a comment or private message!

Hugs and tugs.

Gpup Alpha

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