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Gun Oil Silicone Lube

gun oil silicone lubeIf you are looking for a nice lube that is slick and long lasting I can highly recommend gun oil silicone lube.

This is a high quality lube that is super concentrated so even a small amount can offer great lubrication that lasts well for fun play sessions.

Gun Oil Silicone Lube Reviewed

As mentioned in the video gun oil silicone lube is condom compatible so there is no risk of disintegration of condoms from harsh chemicals.

It is also a very high quality silicone so there is no risk of damage to your human dog toys and it’s fully compatible with rubber, silicone and vinyl toys.

Because it’s not water based you will find the lube lasts a longer time, particularly when used for tail insertion. You can expect your tail to come out as easily as it went in no matter how extended your pup play session is.

You can check out gun oil silicone lube here @ Mr S Leather

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