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Human Puppy Toys

Hey pups!

Every pup needs some toys to help while away the time when relaxing after training with your Master or Sir.

I wanted to highlight some of the fun human pup toys I have in my collection.

Do you have any particular toys you like to play with that zone you to pup space faster than your Master’s touch?

 Some Of My Favourite Human Puppy Toys

fatboy cock extender

FatBoy Cock Extender

If you have a pup who loves having his pup hole stuffed to satisfaction this puppy toy is going to have him howling to the moon and back!

Filled with soft internal nubs this toy is great for both master and pup.

squarepeg dog bone

SquarePeg Dog Bone

All dogs enjoy a nice chew on a bone. If your master is away you can while away your time with the SquarePeg dog bone.
Made with top quality surgical grade silicone this bone is hypoallergenic and has a great weight for games of fetch when you are enjoying time in deep pup space.

pup play hankies

Pup Play Hankies

Sometimes it would be nice to be able to flag your interest in pup play when you are not dressed in your full pup gear.

Simply having a pup play hankie is a great yet subtle way of sharing your interest in pup play to people in the know.

unit x cocksling

Unit X Cocksling

The Unit X Cocksling is a great toy that gently hugs the penis and testicles helping you look nice and “full” when wearing your underwear as well as enabling you to stay rock hard when playing.
Made of a lovely soft silicone its easy to get on and off and will be a toy that gives plenty of fun no matter how you play.

gun oil silicone lube

Gun Oil Silicone Lube

Gun oil is a great lube that is perfect for all aspects of human pup play. Due to it’s high quality it’s great with condoms and toys made of rubber, silicone or vinyl.

It’s super concentrated so even a little of the lube goes a long way.

woof dog cock plug

The Woof Dog Cock Plug

This is a fucking awesome toy to get your pup howling for more. Made as two pieces you have a nice red rocket centre and a black other sheath with nice fat knot to lock it into place.

This toy will definitely “open” your pups to new levels of pup space.

J Lube J Jelly Lubricants

J Lube & J Jelly

J Lube is a wonderfully slippery and fun personal lubricant that is a perfect addition to your pup toys. Water based it’s 100% compatible with all toys and is also condom safe.
J Lube is powdered so it’s great for travel and you can mix to your own preferred consistency.

Master's Jock

Master’s Jock

When there is a distance between a pup and their Master, having one of Master’s jock can be a useful way of feeling connected to your Sir.

Have a talk with your master and see if he would be happy to create a special scented jock just for you so you can have his scent with you 24/7.

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