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Pup Play Hankie

pup play hankiesWhen I was coming out as a pup I didn’t really have any particular way of knowing who was a pup and who was not. A pup play hankie would have made it a bit easier, lol.
It was early days and I didn’t really know about collars and other more subtle ways of showing my pup self. I wish I had known about these hankies back when I started.

In alignment with the hankie code that has been present for many years, this is an adaptation that allows you to also flag your desire and passion for human pup play. Choices include yellow and it’s association with water sports, red with fisting and my absolute favorite blue which for me encompasses my love for oral and anal and other human puppy toy play.

Adding the puppy bone is the added cream on the cake so I can flag that I am a human pup so other pups can identify me when not in my pup gear.

Another popular use is to wear the hankie folded into a triangle and folded over your collar.

My Bro Pup Scooter With His Pup Play Hankie



If you are looking for something different and a fun way to express your pup self when not fully hooded a hanky can be a great choice.

You can check out pup play hankies here @ Mr S

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