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Unit X Cocksling

Today I wanted to give a quick review of the Unit X Cocksling by the guys at Oxballs. This is a really comfortable and fun toy that can help a you to stay rock hard no matter how long you are going to play.

Made with s super stretchy form of silicone the Unit X is super easy to get on and off. Just remember that the curved side goes against the very back of your cock at balls and the penis and nuts are going through the hole at the bottom.

This pic may help make it easier 🙂

Unit X Cocksling


As you can see in the above image the sling is designed with a nice curve that sits comfortably against the pubic bone offering support for the cock and balls to give a nice “full” look when wearing jocks.

When erect the gentle push against the penis helps maintain erection and pushing the testicles downwards can give a nice stretch and also reduces the chance of coming too quickly.

I hope you get as much enjoyment from this great pup play toy as I have.

You can check out the Unit X Cocksling here @ Mr S Leather

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