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Master’s Jock

Master's Jock For those times you are away from your Master. Having Master’s jock with you can help you feel connected even when he is away.

My very first gift from Sir was a special jock that he had worn for me over an extended period of time.

Master’s jock had many wonderful scents to enjoy. His piss, cum and even a patch of his shit scent where the jock has been rubbing in his ass crack. This is one of the best human puppy toys I have ever been given.

Even though I was given that jock more than 2 years ago I have been able to keep it in perfect condition by sealing it into a zip lock bag. This way Master’s jock is just as scented as the day he gave it to me.

Scent training while not essential, it can be a great gateway to helping open your pup space and helps you learn from a modality not frequently used as humans.

You can learn more about scent training here @ Sirius Pup

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