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J Lube & J Jelly Lubricants

J Lube J Jelly Lubricants

If you are looking for a quality lube that is super slick and perfect for human pup play I highly recommend J Lube.

J lube comes packaged in a powdered form however can be easily mixed with a cup of water to make a wonderfully sticky, slick lube that is perfect for tail insertion, wanking and any other uses your mind can create knowing it’s 100% safe and compatible with human puppy toys.

The trick is that a little goes a long way so experiment first to get the consistency you desire.

J Lube Reviewed

As discussed in the video if the idea of mixing up your lube is a little too messy you can get it premixed as J Jelly. The only difference is that the J Jelly has a preservative added to enable it to have a long shelf life.

If you are allergic or have reactions to preservatives you may be better off mixing your own J lube each time you play.

Important things to note!:

  • J Lube is very sticky and slippery. If it gets onto the floor it’s very, very slippery. Sprinkling table salt onto spills enables quick cleanup and no slippery residue.
  • J Lube is water based so it’s absolutely condom and toy safe.
  • For ease of use you can mix your lube up in a water bottle and this will make for easy dispensing to areas that are requiring lube.
  • Putting some lube into a syringe to allow lubing of the ass makes putting a tail in super easy!

You can check out J Lube here @ Mr S Leather

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