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SquarePeg Dog Bone

squarepeg-dog-boneBeing a human pup it’s important to have a toy that you can enjoy while you are away from your Master. The SquarePeg dog bone is perfect for soothing your inner pup while you wait patiently for your master to return home after a long day at work.

Made with the same surgical grade silicone as their tails the SquarePeg dog bone has a nice bounce to it when chewed and can be easily held between the teeth for games such as “fetch”, “find it” or my favourite “bury the bone”… Oh hang on that’s a different game 😉 .

Ideal as a toy in the mosh pit or a gift to a puppy dear to your heart, you can’t go wrong with this fun puppy toy.

You can check out the SquarePeg Dog Bone here @ Mr S

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