puppy play

Board Gaming With Friends

Board Gaming With FriendsNot all pack meets have to be about human dog play. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to relax and enjoy great times with friends.

Board Gaming With Friends

You can learn a lot about a man when it comes to role play and it’s not necessarily the animal kind. You’re an adventurer and a master of your own destiny.

Board Gaming With Friends

Be careful though, a single roll of the dice and things can change so rapidly. One moment you are a regular guy on the street. Next thing you know you are a gimp, tied, stripped, at the mercy of your dungeon master.

Slave Gear

It’s ok pup… It’s just a game right?

Bondage Gear Supplied By Mr S Leather.

Gear Pictured Includes:
Neoprene Sensory Dep Hood
Neoprene Muzzle
Puppy Leash
Padded Ankle Restraints
Fetters Chest/Arm Restraints
Leather Butt Plug Harness

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