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Mr S ProGrip Flogger Road Tested

Mr S ProGrip Leather FloggerHey there Pups. Well this weekend I was fortunate to be able to give my new leather flogger a nice road test at one of Melbourne’s kink clubs Splinter. I love this club, it’s a mixed crowd with plenty of great equipment to play on as well as a fun group of people. Straight, gay, bondage lovers, rubber dolls, pups. It’s a really nice vibe.

So anyways my partner in crime Ision was kind enough to allow me to give him a nice work out with the Mr S Flogger I picked up when visiting San Francisco.  This is a nice piece of gear.

Click To Here To Check Out The Mr S Flogger

The ProGrip flogger comes in 3 different styles, full cow, bull or buffalo leather or the wonderfully nasty version I got: the thud/sting… a combination of leather and rubber. This is a mean muthafucker! You get the deeper thud but at the same time you get a nice sharp rubbery sting with a quick onset and delayed decay (think sharp *then* ouch). Not a beginner flogger for pain newbies.

The flogger is well weighted with the handle easy to grip including a spiral pattern so it didn’t slip outwards no matter how hard I was throwing. I am super happy with the purchase. Ision was as well 🙂

One additional add on I recommend is the belt loop hanger… It’s handy being able to hang your flogger directly off your belt, and let’s face it, nothing says “I’m ready to belt the fuck out of you. Get on the cross” like a nice display of the gear that’s going to do it.Mr S ProGrip Leather Flogger

So yea… I like.  You can check out the ProGrip Flogger over here @ MR S Leather

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Hugs, tugs and deep thuddy sting.

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