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How To Get Started As A Human Pup

Hot human dog tries on a leather pup hood for the firstime in his leather dog hood

In this video I just wanted to share some thoughts on how to get started as a human pup.

When I started there was little in the way of human pup play resources. Today there are many great resources including my pack’s website: http://SiriusPup.net (Interestingly this was originally developed as a training site just for our pups!)

Also be sure to check out Puppy 101 on Facebook as well as the many pup groups on FetLife.

When it comes to gear the first things I recommend is mitts and knee pads to protect your paws. Other gear is great and when you are ready Mr S Leather has a great selection of fun pup gear here-> Pup Gear @ Mr S Leather.

Overall have fun and feel free to ask questions!

Hugs and tugs.

Gpup Alpha

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