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How To Care For Your Leather & Neoprene Dog Hood

Hey Pups! Just wanted to create a post on how to clean and care for your pup play hoods.

First cab off the rank, leather puppy hood care:

First is a video I created with Bootblack Dire AKA Dire SuperMutt when we were together in Florida.

Given the huge popularity of the Mr S Leather Dog Hoods I thought it was a good idea to share how to care and nourish the leather to help ensure this is a pup mask you are going to have for a long long time.

Products mentioned in the video include:

Check Out The Leather Pup Hoods Here @ Mr S Leather

How to care for your neoprene dog hood:

The neoprene masks are super easy to care for and super robust! I love mine and take it most places…

Check Out The Neoprene Dog Hoods @ Mr S

Enjoy and don’t forget when you give your hood some special care and attention every few months it will be a piece of gear you have for many years of enjoyment.

Hugs and tugs,

Gpup Alpha

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