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Hot Folsom Look #1

Great look for folsom street fair
Mr S Leather Basket Ball Shorts

Leather Basketball Shorts

These great shorts look amazing and have a nice street smart ready for Folsom. Add some knee pads and you are 100% ready to mosh and have fun as well. Available in red, blue, white they are a great choice for the day events right though to parties in the evening.

Leather Arm Bands

Show off your biceps while flagging your interests with these great armbands. These babies come in grey, red, yellow, blue and I am sure if you asked nicely the Mr S Leather team would be happy to help you out with any other colours you wish to show...

leather arm band with colour accent
Varsity Socks By Mr S Leather

Varsity Socks

Add this final flair of colour to your complete outfit. Coupled with your favourite runners this is a complete look that is going to kick ass!

These socks are made by Timoteo for Mr S and come in black with your choice of red, yellow, blue or white accents.

So Guys. I have to say I really like the sporty look. You get to enjoy the feel and warmth of leather while showing off a fun street style.

With Folsom this month and the holiday season here soon, these pieces could be the perfect gift for the boy, pup of Dom in your life.

Check Out All The Sports Gear Here @ Mr S

Hugs and Tugs,

Gpup Alpha

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