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Folsom Look #2 :Mr S Sailor Front Leather Apron


Check Out The Sailor Front Apron Here @ Mr S Leather

I have to admit that leather aprons are one of my favourite fetishes. I love how they can demonstrate both a refined “ready to serve” attitude while at the same time offer a masculine Dom look all in the same gear. The Sailor Front Leather Apron doesn’t disappoint in either of these propositions.

One huge additional bonus is what is not found in other aprons. A wonderful flap allowing full access to cock and balls of who ever may be wearing this great piece of gear.

As shown in the video the apron features a generous double zip flap at the front that opens out with plenty of room to suck, fuck, fondle, what ever holds your fantasy.


For your Dom side you can imagine being ready to simply unzip with your boy kneeling before you. Or having your sub or service pup in this apron and you having full access to his cock to either tease or perhaps lock him up in chastity all without needing to fumble with pants or underwear.

Depending on your local regulations you can mix and match with a jock or leather shorts however for me, nudity and the hint of “ready for fucking with just 2 zips” are what get me rock hard.

My favourite way to enjoy this apron is nude, well I do like to have my Corcoran boots and knee high Nasty Pig socks… This gives just a touch of modesty for more public spaces while at the same time offering clear view of all that is on offer. Just having the leather rubbing against my cock keeps me rock hard and knocking at that flap.

For me this is one Folsom look I highly recommend.

You can check out the apron here:

Hugs and tugs,

Gpup Alpha

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