puppy play

I love my Square Peg puppy tail

Hey Pups,

Thought I would just share a pic of my wonderful square peg puppy tail deep in my pup cunt…

By far the square peg guys make the best puppy tails. Firstly because they are silicone so they can be used with oil based lubes or water based lubes. Only thing to be careful with is that if you use a silicone lube, make sure it is top quality as lesser quality silicon lube can destroy silicone toys.

I like to use this tail with crisco so it stays nice and lubed no matter how long I am in pup mode. Water based lubes tend to get absorbed making it harder to remove my tail after a prolonged pup play session…

Square peg have a nice selection of pup tails check out my page on them here: Square Peg Puppy Tails

I give them four paws up!


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