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My Shepherd RubberDawg mask

Hey there Guys,

Today I wanted to share a pic of my awesome new RubberDawg puppy mask. When I first got into puppy play I started with my leather puppy hood  however over time I really fell in love with the feel of rubber. It was time to make the step to buying my own full rubber hood.

While you can buy the RubberDawg hoods from Mr S leather I wanted to be able to buy my own individual shape and style which is exactly where RubberDawg excels.

Within 24 hours of having sent my order RD (RubberDawg) was in contact with a heap of photos and suggestions for styles of my mask. I sent him a pic of my beloved German Shepherd and he was able to style my mask off this picture.

For fun and that great smile, teeth were added in. Just to note they are soft rubber so there is not risk of harm during bone chewing or other activities 😉 .

Also as part of my purchase I bought a set of the half sleeve paws and I will do a post on them tomorrow but they are definite four paws material!

The only issue I can note is that RD is becoming very popular which means there is a bit of a wait when it comes to having your mask made. I waited 6 weeks but dam it was worth every moment. The final product is beautiful and a very important part of my puppy play.

You can learn more about RD here in my post: Check Out These Awesome RubberDawg Masks.

Other then my shepherd hood, my fave is the Rotty hood. He’s so cute and I know I would mount him till the sun goes down.

Hugs and tugs pups,


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