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Latex Chlorination By Ozfetish

Hey guys! So recently I was gifted this amazing latex surf suit, it’s super tight so being able to get in and out easily is not only fantastic but it also protects the latex from tears or nicks from pulling to get in.

Not sure if you’ve heard of latex chorination but it’s an amazing treatment that makes your latex super smooth! You are able to jump in and out of your gear with no talc, no lube, literally straight in!

The chlorination also makes the latex care much easier so for me it was totally a win win situation.

Chlorination is a chemical process, quite fiddly and involves some pretty strong chemicals.  It really isn’t something to be done at home… Thankfully there are some great people here in Australia who can do it for you. Laycette at Oz Fetish who is expert at the whole chlorination process.

The process of having my rubber puppy gear treated was super simple. I just had to package my gear up in a mailing bag along with a second return postage bag.

On it’s arrival Laycette let me know it was there and that she had started the treatment.

One of the pieces of gear had some damaged metalware which she asked if it was ok to replace. Given she’s also able to repair latex I was very happy to make sure everything was in good condition.

Once done my gear was mailed back and I was sent an invoice that I was able to pay online.

I was really happy not only with the service but also the finished product.

I opted for the “super shiny” option and they weren’t kidding! Very happy rubber pup here.

I can definitely vouch for the quality and service provided.

If you have some latex gear you’d like to get chlorinated or even repaired be sure to contact Laycette at OzFetish.

You can learn more about the chlorination process here.

Yours in super shiny latex rubber 🙂

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