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Make Your Own Paracord Harness & Gear

Paracord Harness For Human Pup Play Hey Pups! Tonight I am very excited as I am off to an amazing kink party here in Melbourne. I’ve been keen to get my rubber puppy butt out for ages so this was the perfect chance… Getting my outfit out I thought, hmmn need just an added “something”… That was when I saw the great post by Dorien in Puppy 101 and it hit me… Paracord Harness!

Dorien had posted a great pic of his new paracord collar he had made which got me exploring on youtube…

Eventually I came across this great video on how to make a paracord dog collar.

The knot in this video is not too tricky and was easily adapted to make a paracord harness.

paracord for dog collar and harnessSo with a quick trip to the hardware store (and local sex shop for 2 cheap metal cock rings) I was set!

Overall the process took about 2 hours to first master the knot and to then work out the logistics of making the harness.

I look one of my leather harness and used it as a guide to getting the measurements correct.

One thing to note is that the cord I used has an elastic core…  This is handy for the harness as it allows me to get it on and off a heck of a lot easier. For a human pup collar it may be a little too wide but I recommend getting in and experimenting!

Overall this was a super fun project and I recommend all pups get crafty!

I love my gear but when you can create cool stuff that is original, fun and well within the budget you are on a winner!  Total cost today?

  • Elastic paracord was $20 for 25m bundle
  • 2 metal cock rings @ $9 each
  • Total cost $58 and there is plenty left over to make 2 collars!!!

Very happy pup here 🙂

Please feel free to send me your pics when you make one pups, I’d love to see your creations!

Hugs and tugs,

Gpup Alpha

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