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Check Out This Neoprene Pup Play Gear Combo

Neoprene Human Pup Play GearHey pups! I just wanted to show you this cool neoprene pup play gear combo I discovered when having a shop for some new gear…

Neoprene shirt, pants and hood

Neoprene shirt, pants and hood

I am a huge neoprene fan, it’s got the great feel of rubber but it’s heaps less delicate and you don’t have to lube up to get into it, well not unless you want to and then that’s a totally different story! By combining the neoprene vest and neoprene pants you have a kick ass look that is perfect for pup play!

Wearing this slick combo you can have the smooth likes of a doberman with color accents that help let available pups and handlers exactly what you like to get into after the mosh.

Neoprene Top

Neoprene Top

The neoprene top is great because your shoulders and arms are feel giving full motion with no catching on collars or masks.

neoprene pants

Neoprene pants

The pants are made for pup play!

Pictured above is the older style of neoprene pants. These have been updated with some great new features: First there is a 2 zippers at the front to give your master full access to your cock and balls, and second, there is a 3 way zipper at the back so you can have your tail in for time at the most, and after the mosh that zipper can go wide open allowing your master to mount and enjoy your puppy ass.

Combined this vest and pants combo is a fucking kick ass look for your next pup play adventure!

You can check out the pup play vest here
 and the neoprene pants here

When the weather is hotter it’s nice to wear shorts. You will last longer in the heat and the ass is nice and open to allow you to wear your tail and show off that fluffy puppy butt!

Neoprene Shorts

Neoprene Shorts

Check out the neoprene shorts here

For that final touch I recommend adding in a neoprene puppy hood for the complete neo puppy look!

Neoprene Pup Hood

Neoprene Pup Hood

You can grab a neoprene pup hood here

Hugs and tugs pup!

Gpup Alpha

PS. If you are looking for an “all in one” style solution, check out the neoprene puppy play suit here 🙂

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