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Neoprene Puppy Play Suit

neoprene puppy play suit

Neoprene Puppy Play Suit

Of all my puppy play clothing I love my neoprene puppy play suit the most.

From a pup perspective it’s amazing. I love the tight feeling of the neoprene against my skin. It has a similar sensuality to rubber however it’s a lot more robust and much less fiddly to get in and out of. No need to lube up, a simple dousing with my piss and I can slip right in and I’m ready for play.

While I understand there are some people who feel it’s over kill to buy what appears to be a short wetsuit from a fetish shop there is one magical touch that the average surfer doesn’t need…

This perfectly placed zipper goes all the way around the back allowing me to not only wear my tail but it also affords my master full access to my cunt should he need it.

I’ve been able to wear my suit for a full day in pup mode and it’s comfort was incredible. Be sure to get your sizing right as it is firm against the skin and you want a little give especially in the crotch.

Cleanup is easy simple wiping down with a damp cloth or you can even hop into the shower and give it a good rub down with gentle soap as well. I simply place it onto a hanger and it drip dries over night.

While I love the feel of my rubber I love how robust and strong the neoprene puppy play suit is. For true rough play this is a great alternative to rubber and has more stretch and given then my leather gear.

I give this a definite two paws up for style, feel and durability.

Check out the neoprene puppy play suit @ Mr S

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Hugs and tugs


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