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Confessions Of A Rubber Dog.

Gpup The Rubber dog

A Very Happy Rubber Dog

Hey there Pups! well it’s been a week since my training weekend at the Sirius Pup compound and I have to say my passion as a rubber dog has been 100% ignited!

I love the feel and the slippery glide of as I get lubed up to jump into my rubber catsuit, the cool feeling as it lands on my naked flesh and then the sensual feel as I slowly warm up with my sweat starting to slip and slide under my latex skin.

Fully geared up in my RubberDawg hood, rubber suit, knee pads and gloves I’m pretty much automatically into pup space and channeling my inner rubber dog.

By far my biggest pup play hero is Rubber Dog Bronco, AKA Gummihund Bronco. He too is a huge fan of rubber and latex.

Rubber Dog Bronco

Just watch at the end of the video and look at all the sweat coming out of his rubber suit… Just imagine how amazing it would feel with all that rubber sensually sliding over your body. Grrrrr, honestly that is more then plenty to get this pup in a full red rocket!

I have to admit I think I am  truly a rubber dog at heart!

Hugs and tugs

Gpup (Rubber Dog) Alpha

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