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My Human Pup Play Introduction At Dore Alley

my first learning of human pup play

The Pup Who Introduced Me To Human Pup Play

Seven years ago on my first trip to Dore Alley street fare in San Francisco, I met my first human pup. While I had not yet discovered the idea of puppy play, there was something in meeting this pup that opened my heart and mind to the idea of me entering the world of human pup play.

To this day I am a little sad that I never got to know this wonderful pup, or his master’s name. Given the opportunity, I’d love shake his paw and gently scratch behind his ear as a thankyou for his kind¬†introduction¬†for me to puppy play.

Perhaps it’s the spirit of Dore Alley, with so many interesting people. Perhaps it was the fact that I was starting to miss my two beautiful bio pups that were far away in Australia. With just a little trepidation I approached this pup and his master and asked for permission to pet his pup.

His master was very kind and we chatted for some time about life as a pup and how as master he too had a pup life.

What I learned was that these guys were wonderful, caring, open and fun loving. Human pup play was simply an extension of that same joy of life.

I admit these two men, pups and gentlemen have lived with me in my mind for many years.

My First Step Towards Human Pup Play

Later that day I purchased my first leather puppy hood from one of the local leather stores. That magical moment of putting my hood on for the first time was amazing. The excitement and rush of knowing that I opening to my own exploration of human pup play.

It would be a number of years till I met my first master. Needless to say, I’m very glad I was patient, with the reward well beyond the wait.

More soon.


BTW if you know the name of this pup I’d love to be able to say hello again. Pup, you changed my life and for that I am eternally grateful.

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