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The Value Of Human Pup Training

Today Bolt and I talk about how it’s important to get the most out of your human pup play you need to consider an earnest approach to human pup training. Just like a sport, training, in particular puppy training, will help you get the most out of your human pup experience and pup space.

There is more to human pup play than putting a collar on.

Today I want to share how the key to human pup play is not held within the body, but you can gain access to “pup zone” with practice and acquiring the skills of human dog play.

Human pup postures are some of the first trainings you will get as a Sirius Pup.

These pup postures can be used to control the experience a human pup has. Hood also change the way a pup experiences their environment. Human Pup Hoods are a training tool by changing vision, hearing helping centre a pup in “the now”.

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Happy training pups.

Hugs and tugs, Gpup Alpha

Full Human Pup Training Transcript Here:

Pup Bolt: Being a handler is a lot like owning a dog, a bio dog, a biological dog. I don’t think we’ve explained that much in this channel before, but a bio dog versus a human dog is completely different.

Gpup Alpha: Absolutely, and you can lock up a bio dog in the back yard, and people don’t get too upset, but if you leave your human pup in the back yard.

Pup Bolt: Yeah, they wouldn’t be happy about that, I don’t think.

Gpup Alpha: Bio pups, they’re a lot more harder. They’re hard work.

Pup Bolt: They’re work.

Gpup Alpha: You’ve really got put, which is why when it comes to human pup play, it’s important that you are willing to put in the same level of work.

Pup Bolt: Yes.

Gpup Alpha: Because some people, they think, I put a collar on. I’m an human pup.

Pup Bolt: It’s not exactly the same.

Gpup Alpha: There’s more to it. There’s more to it than just putting a collar on. There’s actually stuff to learn. At Serious Pup, that’s one of the things that we’re really big on.

Pup Bolt: Oh a plug. What is that a shirt from SeriousPup.com?

Gpup Alpha: No, SiriusPup.net

Pup Bolt: My bad.

Gpup Alpha: There’s skills to be learned. There’s skills to be learned, because one of the things that I’ve heard a lot, and that I don’t necessarily agree with, is that pup play in innate. It’s inside me, and I’m just releasing it, right? I will tell you now that I do not share any DNA with a dog. None at all.

Pup Bolt: Don’t think so.

Gpup Alpha: No, but to be able to enjoy the puppy experience and the Nivana of the puppy experience, as everybody calls, is the pup space, is actually a process of work by you practice something. Are you a sporty person?

Pup Bolt: I play rugby.

Gpup Alpha: You play rugby. Have you every played a game of rugby where it’s almost like the whole thing was in slow motion, because you were doing the actions, you never thought about it.

Pup Bolt: Oh yes, I know exactly what I’m doing. Once you learn the rules, you know exactly how it works, and you just flow with it.

Gpup Alpha: Yeah, so it’s that flow peak experience. When you learn the skills of human pup play, you can have the same flow peak experience, which in many ways, is what the head space is about. It’s about not having to think. It’s about being able to release what are the tensions of they day.

Pup Bolt: That’s cool. Yeah, exactly.

Gpup Alpha: To get to that you have to know the skills, and so it’s important to learn some.

Pup Bolt: Important, you heard it here.

Gpup Alpha: Yeah, but even simple things like knowing the positions. Do you guys teach the positions here?

Pup Bolt: No.

Gpup Alpha: You’ve got the first three positions that you get taught with us is that you have to be able to present a kneel and an all fours. Present is when you’re kneeling with your paws on your knees, and then you slide your paws forward, and that’s a kneel. When you’re on all four positions, then that’s an all fours. Originally, when I learned that stuff, I was like, “Oh, why do I need to know this? This just seems really silly,” but if you put a pup into a present position, their head is up, and they can actually look around the room, and they can see stuff. Whereas if you put somebody in an all fours, because of the nature of the neck, they can only see down.

Pup Bolt: They look at the ground.

Gpup Alpha: Yeah, so if you’re a handler, and you don’t want your pup seeing what you’re doing, you put them in an all fours. Put them in an all fours, and then they can’t actually see what’s going on, so you can control the environment.

Pup Bolt: This is good.

Gpup Alpha: If you want the pup to be alert, to be able to look you in the face, and to be able to see what you’re doing, you put them in a present, because then the heads right up, and they can move their head around. Do you know what I mean?

Pup Bolt: Yeah, I see exactly what you mean, this is training.

Gpup Alpha: Yeah, absolutely.

Pup Bolt: Training 101 for a pup handler.

Gpup Alpha: Yeah, and there’s other things. People talk about hoods, and they say the hood is an expression of the pup’s self, and it is, but pup hoods also help create the head space. When it covers your ears, you lose auditory import.

Pup Bolt: A good portion of it, yeah.

Gpup Alpha: Yeah, so you can’t hear as much. You also lose a lot of you peripheral vision, because of the nature of the eyes, so that narrows in the field of vision, so it really forces you to concentrate on whatever’s in front of you, and that’s the same as being concentrated on the now. As a training tool, a hood isn’t just about looking pretty. It actually puts you closer into the head space, as well.

Pup Bolt: That’s so cool. Look at you learning.

Gpup Alpha: For me, people say, you don’t have to have gear, you can be a … What did they call it? They said a flesh pup. You can be a flesh pup. You don’t need gear. I think when you’re first starting pup play, don’t go and spend $2,000 on gear.

Pup Bolt: That’s expensive.

Gpup Alpha: It is, and the gear’s not cheap. You want to choose good gear, don’t buy cheap shit off eBay, because it’s cheap stuff off eBay. Seriously, buy the proper stuff ,because it’s going to last.

Pup Bolt: Yeah, improper padding for your knees is the worst ever.

Gpup Alpha: Yes, and I always say the first things you should be buying is knee pads, and wrist guards.

Pup Bolt: Oh yeah, 100%. The first time I went to a march, all I wore was wraps. Worst idea ever.

Gpup Alpha: Padding is good.

Pup Bolt: Yeah, padding is good.

Gpup Alpha: Especially in the knees. From a biological perspective, unless you’re a baby, your body is not used to having gravity go through the knees, the same way that when you’re in an all fours position. I’ve got a couple of physiotherapist mates that are teaching me how to move fast in an all fours position, which is really …

Pup Bolt: That’s so good.

Gpup Alpha: It’s more tricky that you think. There’s a lot of kinesthetics involved with that.

Pup Bolt: Lots of hip movement.

Gpup Alpha: It’s like a Pilates class. As a side tip, if you want to have a really good sex life, I highly recommend Pilates, really recommend Pilates.

Pup Bolt: Cool tips with the Gpup Alpha.

Gpup Alpha: Keep them little. I’m all you know.

Pup Bolt: I’m all you know. Yes.

Gpup Alpha: Absolutely, Pilates for pups. Wasn’t there somebody who did a Yoga class for pups?

Pup Bolt: Yes, it was last year, for sure. Actually in foursome, and I think I remember hearing 9 o’clock.

Gpup Alpha: Okay, that’s great.

Pup Bolt: There’s Yoga classes for pups too.

Gpup Alpha: A tip for handlers, you might want to attend that. If you attend that, you might know which pups are more flexible. The more you know.

Pup Bolt: Hey.

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