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Loving My SquarePeg Woofy Tail

squarepeg woofy tail

Love My SquarePeg Woofy Tail

Hey Pups, today I just wanted to share a bit of a review of my SquarePeg woofy tail. By far this is my favorite piece of pup play gear and certainly in my pack, Sirius Pup, it’s one of the first pieces of gear you get.

All credit to the guys at SquarePeg they really have captured the spirit of puppy play with their pup tails.

Each tail is made with high grade silicone which makes them very durable yet soft enough to never scratch or hurt my butt on insertion. They have a nice weight which makes for a realistic wag that feels great as it slaps against my legs during play.

My SquarePeg Woofy Tail Review

Depending on your level of ass play the SquarePeg Woofy Tail, comes in medium, large and extra large. I find the medium nice and comfortable but then again I’m not the biggest ass player out there. The medium has a 5″ insertable length and at it’s widest 6″ around. For the adventurous the
extra large extends to 6.5″ deep with a full 8″ that is sure to stretch your pups hole to get him wagging!

Clean up is dead easy I use antibacterial soap and hot water. If you are keen to fully sterilise these toys can endure being in boiling water and even placed in an oven up to 350F!

The good news is with a minimum of care you will have a great pup tail that is going to last a lifetime.

So yea guys, I freaking love my tail and for me the square peg tails are the most comfortable and well constructed. I have a page devoted to all the squarepeg puppy tails, or if you want to get one asap I recommend Mr S Leather. Their service has always been great for me, ask for Doug! He’s a great bloke and very pup friendly 😉

Click here for all the SquarePeg pup tails.
Click here to see the SquarePeg Woofy Tail @ Mr S Leather.

What’s your favorite puppy tail?

Hugs and Tugs.


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