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My First Training As A Human Puppy

Gpup in human puppy training

Gpup Starts His Human Puppy Training

For the past two days I have had the most amazing full emersion of human puppy training with my wonderful master, Pup Boss Of Sirius Pups.

I was excited to be having my first formal training as a pup, I arrived with anticipation, excitement and perhaps just a few nerves.

Like many pups I’ve managed to collect quite a bit of gear so I had a suitcase filled with suits, hoods, tails, leather, neoprene, collars and my favorite leather pup hood and my rubberdawg mask.

puppy play in the parkAs part of my training, Sir took me for a walk to the local park. There were a number of paths and a beautiful grassy bank filled with rocky knolls for a pup to climb and observe the world.

As I explored the terrain it was a chance to feel and dip into the world of pup space. Despite people walking going by I didn’t feel embarrassed, after all I was a pup, it was normal for me to be in this space. While I was not quite ready for marking I will soon be ready to take this challenge with delight.

Upon return to the SPS Base I changed into my human pup play suit, puppy paws and shepherd hood for further training.

human puppy trainingSir taught me a few of the postures important for a pup. Given the SPS compound is secluded I was able to express myself more as my pup self. Sir has a few raunchier pics from this training here @ Sirius Pup. I was quite excited so I have to apologise that some of the pics are a little blurry.

At SPS we are fortunate that Sir’s life partner is an exercise physiologist, he was able to teach me the optimal positions for my wrists, knees, ankles and back to allow safe pup play without harm to my body.

As a bonus we videoed this session so we’ll be sharing this teaching as soon as edited. I highly recommend checking these out when available. Simple changes to the way I was positioned helped increase my comfort levels greatly.

Between training sessions I relaxed and learned a little about pup space though observation of Sir’s own biopup as well reading some great books on pup training.

Sadly there are not many pup training books around however but one I have found interesting is Woof! Training of the Human Dog. While not a replacement for real life pup training this book has been a good introduction. It’s a good starter for anyone interesting in spending time as a human puppy.

So this morning I packed my bags and headed home a tired yet excited pup. My passion for pup play is well and truly ignited.

Over the future months I’m looking forward to more time with my master as I learn the many levels to human puppy training… So far I’ve tackled a few of the tasks of the first collar training.

More news soon.


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