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My Favorite Human Pup Mask

leather dog hoodHey Pups! Today I just wanted to let you know that I have updated the site to share my favorite pup play hoods to include my very first leather dog hood as well as a super cool rubber dog mask, not to be confused with the amazing RubberDawg mask that I had sent from San Diego.

For me, my pup play hood is an important of my exploration of pup play. The dog mask offers a space where I am able to slip away from my human side and explore my dog personality. I admit it as a human, pup masks are definitely my fetish.

With each dog mask there is a different feel and experience however the end game is always going to be learning more about pup space. The often sort but elusive feeling of total connection to the now and my canine self.

For sexual pup play I like to use my Mr S leather dog mask because the muzzle is removable allowing my master access to my pup mouth… Hey what can I say, I love to chew a bone :).

So my question to you. what is your favorite human pup mask?

Hugs and tugs,

Gpup Alpha

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